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  Vision and Mission  
  Iron Springs Christian Reformed Church

Vision Statement

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we strive to be a caring, Christ centered community of believers, nurturing spiritual growth and sharing God’s love at home,work and abroad.

Mission Statement

1.  A Christ Centered Community

As believers in Jesus Christ, we commit to Reformed biblical preaching, teaching, worship and following Christ’s example in caring and loving each other and our community. [1]

2.  Nurturing Spiritual Growth

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we will encourage the use of God’s spiritual gifts and talents that He entrusted to us and we will hold each other accountable.[2]

We will promote Bible centered education at all levels and ages.[3]

We will nurture fellowship in the body of believers.[4]

3.  Sharing God’s Love at Home,Work and Abroad

We will pray for and financially support our       

ministries that show mercy to those in need.[5]

We will serve the sick, lonely, shut-ins and all    

others who are in need.[6]

We will live out the gospel in our lives and share the

gospel with our neighbors.[7]

[1] 1 John 3: 11

[2] Romans 12: 4-8

[3] euteronomy 6: 6-7

[4] Hebrews 10: 25

[5] James 2: 14-17

[6] James 5: 13-16

[7] Matthew 28: 19-20

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